Teahouse at Kana Art

The Teahouse at Kana Art was a collaboration work between Kjell Hahn the founder of Shiro Oni Studio (Artist in Residency) and member of the NPO Art Net Kinuya, and Claudius Bieder. Built for the 2016 Kana Art Festival in Onishi Japan held by the NPO Art Net Kinuya – for the tea ceremonies by Chajin Fuyuko Kobori of the Kobori-Enshu school. The festival was held on the premises of the former Fujisaki Soubei Shouten company’s 2-acre 280-year old sake brewery. The structure was mainly comprised of three sake barrels of the brewery, most other materials were also found on the premesis. The tea space at the top held enough space for one tea master and four guests.