Jerusalem was an Installation that was done for the Martin Luther Community of Stein in Nürnberg for the 150 year anniversary of their church building. It was also a tribute to the 250 year anniversary of Faber-Castel and the City of Stein, Nürnberg.
The cubes edge-length was 3m, it was constructed from wood and had a unique acrylic paint-job developed for the project mimicked the effect of graphite. Project partners were the coloring laboratory of Faber-Castel and Christian Ott Carpentry in Stein.
The design of the object was inspired by the New Testament of the Bible and the history of Faber-Castel in Stein.
Jerusalem was first installed in Stein at Nürnberg for 5 month and was reconstructed in Tuttlingen for a second period of 6 month.